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If sump or sewer backup, cracked pipe, or outside rainwater fill your home or business with liquid grief, call likeNU to the rescue! We’re available for flood cleanup 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, every day of the year.

We’ll rush out with powerful 200 horsepower extraction units. Once your leak is fixed, we’ll extract, dry, demolish and reconstruct. We’ll set up air movers and portable dehumidifiers, and help you dry down furniture and other possessions. If required, we’ll pull up carpet to accelerate drying, and apply anti-microbials to prevent propagation of ECOLI, MRSA and other pathogens. We’ll reduce humidity levels inside your walls to prevent black mold and respiratory and health problems. Professional cleanup is crucial, because flood problems can hide between walls, under carpet and furniture and in other hard-to-reach areas.

Water damage always happens at the worst time! Don’t let it get you down – call likeNU to clean it up! likeNU has cleaned floods in the nine-county metro Detroit area for more than 30 years. likeNU is “A+” rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We’re also screened and approved “Home Advisor Pros”. We’re also rated 4.5 star by Google, and 5 stars by the BBB, Home Advisor, Yelp and Biz Rate. We clean more than 1,000 hotels, halls, bars and restaurants, hundreds of bank branches, auto dealerships, supermarkets, hospitals and clinics, and more than 50,000 homes. Check out our residential and commercial references in the drop-down menu on the Home page. Experience likeNU yourself – call today!

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