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Window & Gutter Cleaning In Detroit

Window Cleaning in Detroit AreaInside and out, from basements to three stories in the air, likeNU cleans windows, glass block and all types of window screens. We also clean mirrors, shower doors, french doors, chandeliers, ceiling fans and wall vents. likeNU also cleans and dusts overhead elements like HVAC ducts and vents, ceiling trusses, electrical conduit, eclectic decor and more.

Don’t risk life and limb on rickety ladders. Let likeNU professionals clean your home or business windows. Our commercial equipment allows us to clean safely up to three stories above ground! We work around and over landscape obstacles including hedgerows, ponds, flower beds and more. Our window cleaning technicians average over 10 years experience removing tough adhesions like paint, tape, decals, acid rain and more. We also clean all types of window screens. Your windows are always streak- free and gleaming after a "likeNU" cleaning!

Chandelier Clieaning in Detroit ArealikeNU cleans window interiors, too, ALWAYS including frames and sills. We clean all types of windows including pictures, bays, bows, doorwalls, double-hung, casements, sliders and all types of stationary windows. likeNU cleans all kinds of chandeliers and pendant fixtures including crystal, tiffany, molded glass, metal and more.

Do you know what’s in that fuzz clinging to ceiling fan blades? Dust, dead insects, fungus/mold spores and other allergens! Improve YOUR environment with likeNU OVERHEAD CLEANING. likeNU cleans all types of ceiling fans, smoke detectors and wall vents. We also provide OVERHEAD DUSTING of HVAC ducts and vents, ceiling trusses, conduits, eclectic decor and more.

Gutters (or eaves troughs) don’t get much notice – until rainwater streams down interior walls! Clogged gutters can force water up under shingling and into your home or business. Keep rain days at bay with likeNU gutter cleaning. We’ll remove leaves, twigs, asphalt roof sediment, soil, insect and bird nests and more. We’ll keep water flowing away from your building, rather than into it! Contact a likeNU representative to schedule regular fall gutter cleanings.

Gutter Cleaning in Detroit ArealikeNU has cleaned residential and commercial windows and gutters in the nine-county metro Detroit area for more than 28 years. likeNU is “A+” rated and accredited by the Better Business Bureau. We’re also screened and approved by “Home Advisor”. We clean more than 500 halls, bars and restaurants, more than 500 bank branches, and dozens of auto dealers, clinics, hospitals, hotels and more. Check out our residential and commercial references in the drop-down menu. Experience the likeNU difference yourself – call 586-558-7337 today!

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